Zano (ZANO), the Cryptocurrency designed for eCommerce has entered the market enriching the monetary competition envisaged by Economic giants like Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig Von Mises. With the promise to deliver a scalable, secure coin and a perfect option for P2P transactions, it was listed on CoinMarketCap a few days ago. 

Therefore, the global Blockchain community must do a better job of understanding what the project offers so that they could join the Zano Community. As it has always been emphasised, ‘Do Your Own Research’ (DYOR) is prerequisite before investing in any Cryptocurrency. 

QBITtimes reached out to the Zano team and dissected what the project has for Cryptosphere. Jed Thorne, Community Manager at ZANO, took us through the vision, technology and the plans behind their ecosystem.

QBITtimes (QT): Could you explain what your coin is about and the difference it is bringing to the Cryptocurrency Market?

Jed Thorne (JT): Zano is an open-source, decentralised, and truly anonymous Cryptocurrency. At its core, Zano has been designed as digital cash for peer-to-peer and eCommerce transactions. Our goal is to create a simple, effective and private way to transfer money, trade safely and securely in eCommerce. 

QT: What is the underlying consensus of Zano, and why? Is it PoS, PoW, etc.?

JT: Zano is a Hybrid PoW/PoS Consensus: This novel asynchronous core structure alternates between Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based blocks, providing increased transaction throughput and eliminating intrusion possibilities such as 51% attacks. The protocol is designed with sophisticated difficulty adjustment algorithms to respond to network hash rate variance rapidly.

QT: Outline your roadmap for the next five years?

JT: We consider Zano to be the latest and most advanced form of our coding to date. It is based on our previous eight years building the architecture that is the foundation underpinning all of CryptoNote currencies and having designed, implemented the code from scratch we understand every line of code and its intended function. 

Having spent this time over the new modular design and functionality, it enables us to implement cutting edge privacy enhancements with the amiable User Experience that will be “Easy enough for “Anyone” to use and start staking from”. All of this will be as easy as clicking a button while keeping “Privacy” as the main standard. 

Roadmap Item’s include but are not limited to: Zano Wallet v2, Lightwallet, Marketplace, Mobile Wallet, Web API, Bulletproofs, Private/Public Wallet, Voting Mechanism, Messenger, Atomic Swaps & Sharding. Our goals will stay the same, provide a fast, scalable and secure decentralised currency and marketplace that’s easily accessed and used by all.

QT: Which sector of society or Industry is this project going to disrupt or challenge?

JT: Our goal is to have a user-friendly currency to be used in e-commerce that is reliable and secure with the flexibility to grow at scale and keep to the forefront of technological enhancements and improvements. Considerable time has been spent on the research and design of Zano UX to provide these services while also having the “ease of use” with our GUI(Wallet).

QT: Any message for your community and hodlers?

JT: We want to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated team of supporters and contributors for their continued support over this long development cycle. We look forward to bringing you the mobile wallet and planned privacy upgrades very shortly. 

We are also now working towards ramping up marketing efforts and rolling out more use cases for the marketplace. This will also include establishing fiat on-ramps, addressing liquidity issues and new exchanges.

QT: Thanks for your time Jed, and wish Zano all the best in the market in your efforts to drive economic and financial freedom and inclusion.