Blockchain is yet to achieve mainstream adoption, and there is no short-cut towards accomplishing this goal. As a disruptive technology, the full potential of Blockchain can only be realised when it finds expression in a frequent use case. 

After so many attempts in the industry, XCELLAB has introduced a robust mechanism. The platform is enhancing the use case implementation of Blockchain technology in the mainstream in a unique manner.

They maintain that if a Cryptocurrency has no utility, then it is not supposed to be in existence. The project presents a structure where utilisation of Cryptocurrencies can occur daily. 

XCELLAB has created an ecosystem dedicated towards the enablement of utility and adoption of crypto assets across various industries. With a simple goal of real utilisation, its use cases are seamless. 

This project exemplifies how Blockchain can become useful and effective in the mainstream. Certainly, it is very crucial since that is what the technology needs to demonstrate at this point.

Various Aspects of XCELLAB

XCELLAB covers several use-case scenarios, depending on the particular tool, under the same parent company. The different products that make up the XCELLAB ecosystem include XCELTripXCELPay and XCELGames. 

Additionally, all three aspects of the project are designed to offer unmatched solutions in the areas of travel, retail and entertainment. These sectors are some of the fastest-growing industries in the world where blockchain solutions will undoubtedly provide satisfactory services. 

Here is a breakdown of the varied aspects of the XCELLAB ecosystem:


This section is an online travel platform where users can book hotels, resorts and flight tickets in any part of the world using Cryptocurrencies. Over 800 hotels and resorts are already registered on the XCELTrip platform, cutting across 200 countries. 

The number of airlines available on the platform is more than 400 at the time of writing. Other services like cabs, restaurants and entertainment are also available for users on the platform. 

Accordingly, Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can pay for hotels, restaurants, cabs and air tickets without the usual hustle of using the traditional means. At the moment, services are accessible with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Token, Dash, Verge, and XLAB, the native currency of XCELLAB with 15 per cent cashback.


XCELPay comprises of a crypto merchant payment solution, a user wallet and a crypto payment gateway. Users of this platform can send and receive Crypto payments quickly through its integrated services. 

Besides, very soon it will be possible to recharge your mobile phone using XCELPay irrespective of your geographical location. The system hosts a convenient QR payment system that makes it easy for users to carry out payments. 

With XCELPay, there is no middlemen or fees implied, and the platform is secure and easy to use, even for the everyday user.


The original game for this platform, “Everest Adventure” has been developed for Android. It is available for download on Google Play Store and App Store. 

Anyone playing Everest Adventure can earn XCELTokens in the process. 

Benefits of Blockchain

One key element of Blockchain technology is its ability to simplify processes through tokenisation. Blockchain tokens have a way of wrapping up multiple solutions and rolling them up into convenient, manageable details.

Blockchain tokens make it easy to manage processes due to their unique characteristics. They can serve as value carrying elements that enable transactions. On the Blockchain, they make it easy to track processes and give room for transparency. 

When we talk about the immutability of the Blockchain, it includes the fact that timestamps created using blockchain tokens cannot be erased or reversed.

A Universal Token For The Ecosystem

To this effect, the XCELLAB ecosystem will be powered using a native utility token, XCELToken (XLAB). It is a versatile utility token with a primary purpose of driving Blockchain adoption, especially in the industries mentioned above. 

To do so, XCELLAB will make the XCELTokens available for companies across the industries to be able to deploy effectively. Companies that deploy XCELTokens will be able to utilise it in the following procedures:

  • Raise investment for business operation via a public sale of the token
  • To drive user loyalty, platform marketing, promotion and cross-functional tie-ups for driving relevant business growth parameters
  • To reward team performance, hiring and retaining high-value talent.

At press time, there were over 98,000 holders of the XCELToken, with the network increasing at a fast rate. XLAB’s adoption does not come as a surprise, considering the versatility that it offers its users. 

Despite its relatively new entry into the market, the penetration level has been impressive. This implementation makes it possible for XCELTokens to function at a much more universal scale.

XCELLAB itself represents a flexible platform that will serve various kinds of industry players. The ultimate goal is to promote the adoption of blockchain technology and provide viable solutions across the major industries of the world.

Underlying Technology 

XcelToken is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. The vision is to employ and foster a broader Crypto community within the hospitality, payment, retail, social networking and gaming industries.

XLAB has 50 billion limited supply with a current market capitalisation of over $7 million. The token is listed on CoinMarketcap and Cryptocurrency exchanges like Mercatox, Hotbit, P2PB2B, Livecoin, LAToken and ABCC.