x42 provides for regular users to launch applications that would require big publishers to host them at a much higher cost. Be it decentralised applications for your cell phone, PC, Mac or even single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi.

The protocol allows anyone creative and driven enough to launch any project for a near-zero cost, and without any transaction fees. “x42 Protocol is an entirely feeless coin, and extremely fast, which is very rare in crypto, especially when you add everything that our roadmap has in store,” Gabriel Guarienti Machado, CEO at x42 maintained in an interview with QT.

Underlying Technology

The network employs Proof of Stake (PoS) algo as the underlying technology. According to the CEO, the choice was consequent of the team’s aversion to wasting energy and expensive ASICs equipment.

Machado explained that there is a unique aspect of x42 that is still a roadmap item, but the masternodes (x42-Server T1, T2 and T3) use the processing power of the wallet to do a variety of functions. “Masternodes holders process dApps via decentralisation making very sophisticated software even on a lower-end machine feasible,” Machado hinted.

Further, decentralised applications like maps, search engines, smart grids and smart retail are just the inception of what the platform can handle. It is capable of streaming games and the control of technologies connected to the Blockchain like Smart vehicles.


In a couple of months, the Tier 1 Masternodes is scheduled for implementation. “T2 masternodes (the social network aspect of x42, think of this as the child of LinkedIn/eBay/Uber), our blockchain application store will come right after T1 masternodes,” Machado stated. “It is very similar to a google play or apple store.”

So, Tier 3, which involves private Smart Contracts, Side Blockchains and transactions, is the next stage. Besides, there are several bounties and airdrop lined up for the coming months.

Message To x42 Community

Machado expressed the x42 team’s heartfelt gratitude to the outstanding support they have received from their community from conceptualisation to the current stage. He said:

“Definitely, keep watching us and giving us ideas. The team has integrated ideas that came from the community already, and we look forward to more from you!”

Readers of QT should do a better job of diligence, to understand the project, and invest prudently. It is always vital to understand any business venture you are putting your money, especially Cryptocurrencies.