Roger Ver, CEO of has thrown a challenge to Adam Back of Blockstream to debate Peter R. Rizun on the merits of scaling bitcoin on-chain versus off-chain. He stated that if Back agrees to the call, he will donate $10,000 worth of Crypto of Back’s choice to any charity he prefers.

In a post on Twitter last week, Ver, Nevertheless, doubted if Back will take up the challenge. In his point of view, the Blockstream capo will not man up because of his loose theory on the issue.

“My prediction is that he still won’t since the only way his ideology got traction was through the censorship of /r/Bitcoin. It can’t stand up to actual scrutiny,” Ver wrote.

In an earlier Tweet that caught the attention of the CEO which subsequently led him to make the request, Peter R. Rizun, Chief Scientist of Bitcoin Unlimited dared Back to the debate. He penned:

“Adam, I’d like to challenge you to a debate on the merits of scaling bitcoin on-chain versus off-chain. If Dr Peter McCormack (@PeterMcCormack) is willing, he can moderate and use the recording as a podcast.”

Bad Blood

Adam Back and Roger Ver has been on loggerheads since the inception of the Bitcoin Block size disagreement in 2015. The situation has sometimes led to some heated points.

Though Ver admits, they share a common goal which is a world where people have absolute control of their money, and no one can do anything to stop that, but dispute arises when it comes to the strategies to achieve that purpose.

However, the owner has always made his displeasure known about the continuous censorship of opposition to the small blocks by the /r/Bitcoin subreddit. Their relationship took a deep dive when Ver was kicked out of the platform.

In August 2018, he wrote in an open letter:

“Virtually any mention of Bitcoin Cash on the subreddit is removed. Discussions of other forks, such as Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin Gold, and Bitcoin Private, and topics like bigger blocks and criticism of Blockstream or Lightning Network, are removed.”

But Back and his associates have also argued that such discussions aren’t Bitcoin related. They, therefore, think it should come under /r/Cryptocurrency since it’s an altcoin.

Will Back Comes Through?

So far Back has not responded to the call to debate. Besides, he has not made any reference or refutes it.

It seems Ver’s assertion that the Blockstream CEO will never come through is coming to pass. However, it might be the case of Back trying to ignore the call.

Looking at the intellectually filled ecosystem, we are, such a debate devoid of malice would have been very stimulating. It is imperative the community gets involved in such discourse.

Qbittimes is making the necessary efforts to get some comments from Back if he is ready for the debate or otherwise.

Comments From Posts

In response to the Rizun post on Twitter, Donald McIntyre of TokenHash noted that “A debate broadcast to the layman internet mob, where peacock signalling and made up pseudo-technical logic is the norm, is never productive for the science and method-oriented side. Productized podcast material is not the truth.”

He maintains If Bitcoin and BCH now exist and if they answer to various technical and market visions, then let the technology and market talk.

“I don’t see the point,” Dr Peter McCormack, whom Rizun wants as the Moderator for the debate communicated. “If Bitcoin Cash scales on-chain then just focus on that. You do not need to debate it; just go and prove it.”

McCormack, who is a Nobel winner, however, further stated that If people want the debate, then he is ready to supervise it.

But Tomislav Dugandzic, a speculator differed:

“I’d watch a youtube video where you moderate a debate between Adam Back and Peter Rizun. It would be fun. I’d even listen to an audio-only debate if you don’t do video debates. Come on, don’t be a chicken. I think many small and big blockers would enjoy such an Adam+Peter debate.”

Commenting on Ver’s post, John Carvalho of BitcoinErrorLog and CCO at Bitrefill, asserted that If the Bitcoin Cash mastermind wants headlines the price has gone up. “Time to start putting your Bitcoin channels on the line. No one cares about you anymore, so offer up r/BTC, @bitcoin, or bitcoindotcom, or stfu.”

From the viewpoint of Paul Kim, CEO of Bitcoin Cash said it seems Roger consistently puts his money where his mouth is.