This week, Yagub Rahimov, CEO and co-founder of 7Marketz Group the holding company of well-known brands such as AtoZMarkets is featured as the Blockchain Personality of the week on QBITtimes.

QBITtimes (QT): Could you share your background with our readers and how you got into Crypto?

Yagub Rahimov (YR): I was born in Azerbaijan, and have lived in 10+ countries, multilingual and libertarian economist. I initially started my career as a commodities trader and co-founded 7Marketz Group in 2009 in the Netherlands with Maryna Burushkina. The first time I heard about Bitcoin was on June 30 2009, during the Cycle Entrepreneurship Camp in Trakai, Lithuania. It was my 20th birthday, and Louis James and a gentleman who goes with the pen name Simon Black told me to mine bitcoin as a birthday gift for myself. The following week I got to read the Genesis WP and got hooked even more. But mining was something that I could not understand much, thus decided to buy some Bitcoin as a future investment. However, the person I found on one of the forums promised to sell 30,000 BTC for EUR300 lied and only sent 198 BTC. Thus I became bitcoin sceptic for almost two years. But the more I got involved, the more time I got to spend with bright people the more educated I became about the underlying technology.

QT: What are some of the Blockchain/Crypto projects are you involved?

YR: In 2013 I got involved with the first crypto exchange which was supposed to be the only Bitcoin to Litecoin exchange. However, the project went bust due to low or better to say no liquidity. Since then, I have worked with regulators, aviation companies, trading firms, central banks, crypto exchanges and many start-up businesses. At 7Marketz Group we currently have equity in multiple companies, including our latest insured crypto exchange investment, or our involvement with  one of the top teams and projects I’ve ever seen or NAGA (one of the most underrated crypto projects).

QT: From your perspective, what hinders mainstream adoption of Blockchain Technology?

YR: The biggest problem with Cryptos and blockchain projects overall is the part that the thought leaders are fighting instead of uniting. The most prominent example for this is Tron team always attacking the Ethereum team. In fact, it is a tactical approach by many regulators as well, to divide and rule! The rest mostly is compliance related hurdle, and we have seen most allegations were baseless.

QT: In the grand scheme of things, do you think Blockchain technologies will make the world a better place?

YR: Blockchain technology is already doing it. And cryptocurrencies are the future. How long will we have middlemen getting some 2% of our already heavily taxed money?!

QT: What’s your most controversial thought in Blockchain/Crypto?

YR: Rather than a provocative, I currently dream of a technology which would be blockchain 3.0, as in a tech protocol which would enable blockchains to communicate with each other. Users being able to send and receive whatever crypto to just one wallet, to start with. I also wish that I could penalise those exchanges involved with fake volumes such as Idax, Hotbit and all the others.

QT: Which Crypto project is your favourite?

YR: As a real cryptocurrency Bitcoin, since it is truly decentralised. As a great product Genesis Vision. As a great product with the possibility to change the world CGCX. As an utterly undervalued project, NAGA. I am also following Tolar, Aethernity and EFFECT.AI