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Needless to say, the market was at its best in recent times last week. A Bitcoin bullish run that was tagged suspicious by connoisseurs catapulted altcoins along with remarkable double-digit gains.

Bitcoin’s market cap surpassed $92 billion at midnight Sunday GMT+2. It is selling above $5200 at the time of filing this report early morning on Monday.

Moreover, the market cap of all Cryptocurrencies was almost $185 billion. It is still not clear if the long depression that began in December 2019 is over since most of the experts are still sitting on the fence.

The Scepticism emanates from the fact that altcoins are leading BTC in terms of percentage gains in the bull run. But some lonely voices think that institutional money has found its way into Crypto and the regulations springing around the globe is doing the trick.

Industry News

Google data indicates that Google searches for Bitcoin has tripled since the upward trend that began on Tuesday. The details show that only Tuesday accounted for the rise.

On Wednesday the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published regulatory guidelines for token issuers. It outlined determinants that token issuers require to examine before assessing if their offerings pass as securities.

Binance, the world’s second-biggest Crypto exchange on Thursday announced it would open its doors in Singapore at the end of April. Changpeng Zhao, CEO stated it would be a fiat-to-crypto platform.

The Crypto community in the week welcomed the news of more than 40 central banks who are evaluating blockchain technology. Their focus is on researching and testing with central bank digital currency (CBDC).


Top 10 Standings At Midnight GMT+2 On Sunday

Credit: CoinMarketCap

For the Bitcoin Cash community, it was a bumper harvest as they made the most extraordinary profits for the week under review making it the 5th most expensive Crypto. Roger Ver’s creation accounted for 87.29% to sell for $318.83. It is sure a bet that those who have no BCH in their portfolio have regretted the decision.

Litecoin took its price to $91.58 after an incredible 50.70% upward adjustment. The achievement has ended the war between the Silver of Bitcoin and EOS of the 4th position on CoinMarketCap.

EOS is now occupying the 6th position, but it made 31.89 percentage points to be the 3rd most significant growth for the past seven days on top 10. Its price is now $5.33.

The 4th gainer was in the name of ETH. With a price of $182.56, the Smart Contract scout Sprang 28.38%. It has suffered more than any top 10 coins during the long bitter Crypto winter which saw it shed over 90% of its holdings.

Bitcoin, who engineered the bull run made 28.03% for the one week season. On Tuesday, it jumped 20% to usher in a growth bearing on the markets which might bring the recession to an end. Currently, the price is $5287.18.

With a 27.38% weekly additions, Cardano is no more at the bottom of top 10, and it is now at the 9th position. The exchanges were offering it for sale at $0.089485.

Following suit, Stellar Lumen posted another profit in the figure of 23.47%. The market price at press time was $0.134118 on most Cryptocurrency exchanges.

XRP chalked the 8th best performing digital asset for the week by a receipt of 16.37%. It closed at a price of $0.361771.

Surprisingly, Binance couldn’t take advantage of the bullish market irrespective of the fact that it is one of the best performing top 10 coins in the last month. The decentralised exchange is the least gainer for the week and was up 7.66% selling at the rate of $18.75.

Tether has fallen to the bottom at the ranks of the cream as the others pick exceptional gains. It went up 0.68% and posted a price of $1.01.


Honourable Mentions


Below top 10, these coins deserve applause: BCZERO (97.37%) Vestchain (83.10%), Qubitica (62.88%), IOST (58.73%), Dogecoin (55.45%) and Ethereum Classic (54.27%).

Until next week when QT brings you another edition of Weekly Market Roundup, enjoy the bounty harvest and keep hodling.