Vietnam based VCC Exchange has been operating since 2018 and held the biggest Vietnam Blockchain event in May 2019. VCC has a good working relationship with the government as they have held various events regarding Blockchain and cryptocurrency regulations with the government.

Backed financially by Signum Capital and Axiom Associate Capital of Singapore, the platform has support in web, iOS and Android applications mode.

With the proliferation of Digital Assets Exchanges daily, QT decided to find out what VCC brings to the market. Yen Tran, Business Development Manager at VCC Exchange, had a chat with us. 

QBITtimes (QT): There are so many digital assets exchanges on the market; what difference is VCC bringing to the market? 

Yen Tran (YT): We deliver a secure trading platform to users with high liquidity, lowest spread, available FIAT market, lowest trading fee and especially human support 24/7.

The VCC Exchange Team

QT: Besides trading on the VCC platform, what other services do you offer? 

YT: For now, we are focusing on making the perfection of spot trading, especially fiat-crypto trading. Specifically, we are going to integrate with one major payment gateway in Vietnam. News will be out soon.

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QT: Since inception in 2018, what are your monthly volumes like? 

YT: The amount is on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. We care more about the daily volume, which is over $22 million on 6 February. 

QT: Is the focus only on Singapore and Vietnam, or VCC is a global platform? 

YT: We are a global platform funded by Signum capital from Singapore and Axiom capital. We are located in Vietnam, and we understand that a successful business would only happen once it builds trust and excellent service for the customers living in the same location. We are an international exchange which means we serve and welcome everyone. And everyone knows we are a good exchange when our local people believe in the fact of how good we are.

QT: Any plans to tokenise VCC in the coming years? 

YT: In the coming years, yes.

QT: Any plans of corporate social responsibility you want to embark that our readers should know about? 

YT: Yes, we have been doing CSR. For example, we help out the poor from different parts of Vietnam from time to time. Sometimes we donate, sometimes we go to those places to do charity. Also, we are working with a few organisations such as Global Shapers, Startup City, to support startup communities and create social campaigns.