The Qubitica Community has welcome with excitement the adding of QBIT on VCC Exchange. For a start, it has only Bitcoin but no altcoin pairs yet.

Signum Capital and Axiom Associate Capital of Singapore are the bankrollers of the Vietnam based digital asset exchange platform. Launched in May 2019, it has 24 hours per week personnel support in web, iOS and Android applications mode.

It prides itself as a secured trading platform with high liquidity, lowest spread and trading fees. At the time of filing this report at 01:00 GMT on Thursday, VCC’s daily volume on CoinMarketCap was over $19 million. 

Official Statements 

In a chat with QT to announce the listing, Yen Tran, Business Development Manager at VCC Exchange revealed why they decided to list QBIT. He observed: 

“Because of the utility of the project as a decentralised IT community, and we believe that by being supported by educational institutions, universities, and the authorities, QBIT contributes to the excellent environment to customers. Besides, communities from both QBIT and VCC tell us the need of having QBIT listed on VCC.”

QT asked Yen what the QBIT community should expect from the platform, and he responded that the platform is safe and they offer customer-centric services.  “We are a safe place and try our best to make things simple and friendly to users all over the world, including high liquidity, lots of bounty campaigns, etc.,” he replied.

On behalf of the Qubitica, Daniel Takriti, Speaker of the community, displayed profound gratitude to the platform for embracing QBIT. “We are immensely grateful to VCC Exchange for giving our community more choices in terms of exchanges,” he commented.

Takriti said the community is looking forward to a fruitful and a mutually beneficial relationship between the two entity. He concluded that QBIT is going to expand the partnership in the coming months by adding more pairs. 

This listing on VCC, so far, brings to five the number of Cryptocurrency exchanges QBIT is listed on at the moment. The ERC-20 token is on Livecoin, P2PB2B, WhiteBit and Sistemkoin.