The bullish run that started last week Tuesday left in its wake some top 10 coins losing their ranks to others. In the entire week, all currencies made very remarkable accretions with the exception of stablecoin Tether.

Alas! The bountiful harvest couldn’t guarantee the position of some coins since their winnings were less than others. A couple of weeks before the sharp upward match, there were epic battles between a couple of these elite digital assets over some ranks.

Notable here was the nearly incessant combat over the 4th rank that saw Litecoin pitched against EOS. They kept displacing each other from the spot like a system of a pendulum.

Prior to the price rally, Litecoin got a little edge over the decentralised applications’ platform, but it was still close, and the likelihood of the latter fighting back was apparent. Well, EOS survived the war but not the peace.


EOS Vs. Bitcoin Cash

EOS became a casualty again when Bitcoin Cash made the most striking gains during the price movement. The former lost the 5th spot, and it’s now the 6th most valuable Cryptocurrency.

At the time of filing this report at 22:00 GMT+2, the gap between the two coins in terms of market capitalisation was over $400 million. We are anticipating a battle between the two resilient Cryptocurrencies in the coming days over the 5th spot.

The two are noted for their fighting spirits, and it won’t be a child’s play at all. Who will prevail and monopolise the 5th position on top 10 for some time?

Stellar Vs. Tether

For the first time in the history of Cryptosphere, an altcoin’s trading volume was more than Bitcoin. Last week while BTC’s trading volume was around $17 billion, Tether’s was almost at $18 billion.

It raised eyebrows in the community and a lot of people thought something fishy is going on. However, this couldn’t save Tether from losing the 8th rank.

Stellar lumen pushed the stablecoin to the last but one spot and took over. XLM who appreciated more than 23% last week is in a strong position to keep its current status.

Just when everyone thought the woes of Tether was over, Cardano who has been sitting at the bottom for more than two weeks after dislodging Tron jumped over to push Tether to the bottom. It seems the controversial stablecoin is now under the threat of being kicked out of the top echelons.

Amid the growth and reshuffle, the only coin that maintained its position and wasn’t threaten at all, even though it had the 2nd least growth rate was Binance. The Exchange token retained the 7th most expensive title throughout the wranglings.