Tone Vays, well-known content creator, derivatives trader and consultant is on the list of Keynote Speakers for the Blockchain Africa Conference 2020. Bitcoin Events, organiser of Africa’s most prominent Blockchain event, announced in a press release.

Vays has worked on Wall Street for nearly a decade beginning as a Risk Analyst at Bear Stearns and later becoming a VP at JP Morgan Chase after the 2008 financial crisis. 

His expertise is in economic trends, trading and risk analysis. Ever since getting involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2013, he has been very active in expanding the relevance and significance of this technology. 

Vays has starred in numerous documentaries such as Magic Money and Bitcoin – Beyond the Bubble. He is now an independent content creator at and on his YouTube Channel centred on sound economics and finance.

Other industry players billed to speak include Jonathan Galea, President of BitMalta, Carmelle Cadet, Founder and CEO of EMTECH, Mervyn George, Innovation Strategy Lead for Africa at SAP, Chris Becker, Blockchain Lead At Investec Private Banking, Clark Thompson, Global Solution Architecture Lead At Consensys, Gary De Beer, Application Development Specialist At BankservAfrica, Prof. Sope Williams-Elegbe, Deputy Director, African Procurement Law Unit At Stellenbosch University among many others.

Previous Keynote Speakers at the Conference are Brock Pierce, Chairman Of The US Bitcoin Foundation and Co-Founder Of EOS Alliance, Helen Zille, Former Premier of Western Cape, Beverley Schafer, Western Cape Minister For Economic Opportunities and Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director Of Hyperledger Project. The Bitcoin Events team has been organising the Blockchain Africa Conferences since 2015.

Tone Vays

AI And Emerging Technology Inclusion

 Among other things in the press release were the inclusion of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies as part of the annual Blockchain Africa Conferences. The organisers acknowledged that these technologies are rocking up the status quo of diverse industries. 

It stated how emerging technologies have the potential to manifest in many spheres of operations, querying whether people are ready for the disruption the technologies present as part of the 4th Industry Revolution. Consequently, Bitcoin Events believes artificial intelligence has an enormous potential in Africa. 

The release said in part:

“AI’s business value in Africa is set to surpass $45bn by 2025. With a population that’s 1,3-billion strong, Africa could leverage its demography to bolster development. Around 60% of Africans are under the age of 25, and the continent has a growing working-age population. It’s a window of opportunity for economic growth, which could be leapfrogged with AI.”

From their perspective, It is, therefore, becoming increasingly essential to understand how to translate the growth into real-world commercial solutions. 


The 2020 conference slated for 11-12 March in Johannesburg, South Africa has the theme ‘Blockchain Technology: Beyond The Hype’. It will bring together hundreds of attendees from around the world to discuss the prospect and convergence of Blockchain technology and AI and how these technologies are addressing urgent challenges in Africa.

The conference will showcase how companies and individuals alike are already using these technologies. Moreover, the discourse will centre around what is some of the most compelling use cases and applications, limitations, security and scaling.

 Furthermore, implementation issues that exist coupled with what regulations are being considered and implemented across various jurisdictions are part of the agenda. 

The release hinted that the confab is a considerable opportunity to network with numerous benefits for attendees and exhibitors alike. “Join CEOs, CIOs, COOs, CTOs, Heads of Data Science, Heads of Innovation and Strategy, Heads of IT, Heads of Information Security, Heads of Engineering, Heads of IT Architecture, Heads of Emerging Technology, Heads of Development, Technical Advisors…,” the statement added.

QT will bring our readers more updates concerning the Blockchain Africa Conference 2020 in the coming weeks since we are a media partner. We will also be in Johannesburg to cover the entire event in March. 


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Will you join the Blockchain Africa Conference 2020?
Will you join the Blockchain Africa Conference 2020?
Will you join the Blockchain Africa Conference 2020?