Tezos (XTZ) has renewed the fight with Cardano (ADA) over the title of the 10th most expensive Cryptocurrency in market cap. The two Blockchain outfits for a couple of weeks now has been dislodging each other from the 10th spot.

However, for almost a week, ADA had the upper hand until Tuesday evening when XTZ bounced back to push the former behind. At press time at 09:00 GMT on Wednesday, Tezos was up 25.33% with a price of $3.28

Now the gap between Tezos and Cardano in terms of market capitalisation is over $600 million. Nevertheless, in Cryptoshere, such a difference can be closed in a twinkle of an eye. 

The Smart Contract platform became more popular in December 2019 when it invaded the top 10 on CoinMarketCap. This upward adjustment occurred right after the US-based Kraken exchange announced a partnership to launch a Token-Staking service with Tezos.

Tezos’ Price Gains

Since October 2018, XTZ has bloated by 250 percentage point. In January alone, it made its hodlers a whopping 80 per cent in profit.

Its upward adjustment rate for 2020 is over 100 per cent making it one of the best performing digital assets of the year though it is still too early. Looking at the current statistics, from December 2019, Tezos has appreciated 150 per cent with a Year To Date rate of 130 per cent. 

It currently has more than $2.250 million in market capitalisation with a daily trading volume running into $250 million. The network, which refers to staking as baking, is posting impactful growth. 

Top 10 Market standings

The entire market capitalisation of all Cryptocurrencies has hit $300 billion, and there is green everywhere signifying that we are indeed in a bull season. On top 10, there were impressive accumulations with two coins recording double digits. 

Except for Tether that made zero earnings, the least came from the camp of Binance which was 3.19 per cent and sat at the 9th rank. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision expanded by 3.54 per cent to own the bragging rights for the 5th most valuable Cryptocurrency. 

Bitcoin’s market domination is 62.5%, with a growth rate of 5.23 per cent for the time being. Bitcoin Cash made more addition than the first market mover bagging 5.36 per cent to maintain the 4th position.

At the 7th spot, Litecoin had sprung 55.99 at the time of writing. In a similar winning vein, number three most costly digital asset, XRP gained 6.47 percentage point. 

Moreover, EOS investors will also be smiling as their network jumped 9.65% points. The pioneer of Smart Contracts, Ethereum, had a high pump of 14.56 per cent to become the 2nd best growth rate. 

It won’t be a surprise to see more casualties on top 10 concerning those who will be pushed out. No doubt, it is an exciting time for the ecosystem and brings memories of the 2017 Bull run.