Soverain (SOVE) is an integrated platform which allows users to work with all the modern cryptocurrency tools in one place. It enables Cryptocurrency hodlers to store assets on the SOVE multicurrency online wallet and invest in PoS mining and MasterNodes.

The platform, moreover, features a fast, secure and convenient P2P exchange that will soon be available. CoinMarketCap listed the coin a couple of days ago, and QT decided to reach out to them for a chat.

In an interview with RitE, Community Manager at SOVE, he stated that they have online, Android and IOS mobile wallets. Fascinatingly, all these features will be available in one place.

“Additionally, our team will launch an advertising platform with functions of monitoring masternode projects,” RitE declared. “The user will be able to independently track all the main parameters of the coin such as project information, ROI of masternode, income of PoS/PoW mining and see premine wallets of developers in real-time.”

He further revealed that SOVE is the native currency to access all the services the platform offers. That includes the soon to launch DEX exchange, all commissions and listing fees.

Soverain’s Underlying Technology

The SOVE network is powered by Proof of Stake (PoS) with Masternodes. When RitE was asked about the rationale behind the choice, this was his answer:

“We believe that being PoS allows a more significant number of people to explore the world of Cryptocurrency. There are a vast number of mobile-only internet users. Those users can become crypto adopters with just their phones and our platform, thereby expanding the reach of crypto to a broader range of people.”

Roadmap At A Glance

RitE informed QT that the Soverain project roadmap illustrates their journey so far. What they are doing today, and most importantly, where they are heading.

At the moment the team is on schedule with their roadmap. The rest of the year will see the following happening:

Audit of the multicurrency wallet code
Testing of web services and multicurrency wallet.
Initiation of the development of a multifunctional telegram bot
Start of work with top cryptocurrency projects, the introduction of services and bots
Testing and launch of the telegram bot.

By the 3rd quarter of 2020, the SOVE DEX audit code will be underway. Then there would be public testing afterwards.

Message To Community

For traders and hodlers alike who are interested in trading or hodling SOVE, the coin is on CREX24 and Cryptobridge. It has only BTC pairs at the moment.

The Community Manager called on the Crypto fraternity to join the Soverain family. He urged:

“If you have already joined us, thank you and buckle up and enjoy the ride as we expand our brand and release our platform! To those of you just hearing about us, please come check out our friendly and helpful community on discord! We also have daily airdrops for engaged community members!”