Qubitica continues to expand its presence and the benefits the platform offers in Africa. On Saturday, the Blockchain company participated in the Botswana edition of the global festival of CoinFest organised by the Satoshi Centre.

It was an opportunity to expose the technology and the utility behind the project. Therefore, our representation there was very imperative.

Thuso Mooketsi, Botswana Representative of Qubitica, made a presentation outlining the mission of the project and how the festival goers could take advantage of it. “We’ve built a community of developers and other IT specialists who are taking an opportunity of our resources to build projects in the Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain space,” he announced.

Mooketsi urged the audience with the required skills to join our growing global platform of experienced developers, graphic artist and marketers to sign up for jobs, build teams and projects. He answered questions and interacted about Qubitica with the participants for an hour.

There was a QUBITICA table to provide information and souvenirs. Visitors to the table got gifts like Qubitica t-Shirts and caps.

The refreshing news is that at the end of the festival, 40 people with backgrounds the project desires signed up. They are all on the Qubitica Basecamp now and working on the membership process.

When QBITtimes spoke to Afrikanus Kofi Akosah, QUBITICA Africa, he explained that the Africa outreach has just gathered steam, and the community should expect more meaningful engagements and events. He noted:

“Our African awareness and recruitment will get more excited as we are scheduled to run more events and partnerships with Universities in countries like Mauritius, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and South Africa. Qubitica offers the people of Africa especially the youth an unprecedented opportunity to sell their skills to the world in an era where there is widespread joblessness. Beyond that, the community provides resources for collaboration and valuable experience.”



Thuso (QUBITICA Rwanda) poses with Some Festival Goers Who Visited Our Table

CoinFest began in 2013 as a comparatively modest group of some tens of Bitcoiners, commemorating the adoption of Bitcoin at a Coffee House in Vancouver, Canada. The mission was to encourage cryptocurrency adoption as well as educating the populace about its significance and usage.

For the past five years, it has spread to countries around the world. Crypto communities in countries like Canada, Netherlands, Ghana, Botswana, UK, Sierra Leone and Nigeria celebrated it last week.