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QUBITICA Drives Crypto Adoption And Digital Co-operative In Africa With First Recruitment In Rwanda

QBIT Community

QUBITICA Drives Crypto Adoption And Digital Co-operative In Africa With First Recruitment In Rwanda


QUBITICA, the community of blockchain and Artificial Intelligence experts developing and investing in products of the future is driving Crypto adoption and recruitment of IT experts in Africa. On Friday, the company recruited 43 Developers, Marketers and Graphic Designers after a Meetup in the East African city of Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

In a two hour presentation and demonstration of how Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the QUBITICA platform work, participants were asked to sign up to start building projects and take up jobs to earn QBIT tokens, the native currency on the platform.

The presentation led by Afrikanus Kofi Akosah, Africa Community Manager at QUBITICA, took the participants through the genesis of Blockchain Technologies and how it is changing the world and financial transaction. “No one uses the post office these days. Just like the internet made the post office, so will the Blockchain do to third parties like the bank,” he explained.

Akosah elaborated how the world is in an era of Peer to Peer and Open source where you don’t need permission to do anything. It was his standpoint that Blockchain technologies and projects like QUBITICA offers and will provide unprecedented economic, political and social freedom to the world especially marginalised regions like Africa.

Digital Cooperative

Africa Community Manager demonstrating a process to participants

Under the QUBITICA Digital Cooperative programme, people with IT, marketing, graphic design and other skills can sign up to build projects and take up jobs on the platform in a collaborative environment. The platform also provides resources and experienced experts so members can develop Blockchain and AI projects to earn QBIT tokens.

Usually, a developer must sign up with 10 QBIT tokens (Current value is $169.70) to access the platform. However, QUBITICA in a bid to offer development assistance to young Africans and provide jobs has waived this.

In fact, all those from Africa who have skills and sign up to access the platform for jobs and building projects receive one QBIT token ($16.97) each for free to activate their accounts. According to Daniel Takriti, founder of QUBITICA, the rationale is to assist young people in developing countries to get jobs and acquire cutting edge skills in the Blockchain and AI space.

He also believes it is a win-win affair since the cooperatives are about mutual benefits. Takriti further illustrated:

“When more people get on the platform to develop projects and work for QBIT, it helps the token and the ecosystem to grow. Of course, giving them the opportunity to work and make use of our resources also provide opportunities for them. The whole idea of a digital cooperative is to create financial freedom for all through QBIT.”

Africa Recruitment Drive

Participants attentively Listening to the presentation

In the coming weeks, the QBIT Meetups is scheduled for African countries like Uganda, Botswana, Mauritius, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and others. In all these countries young people with skills will be selected to join the community of Digital cooperative to build projects and take up jobs.

“It’s our vision to empower young Africans with this project so that they can eke out a living for themselves,” Akosah remarked. “Most importantly, skills acquired through interaction and collaboration with experienced Devs on our platform will go a long way to impact local projects in the continent.

There is no doubt such a project is a lifeline to many young people in Africa where youth unemployment is pervasive. It is another demonstration of Blockchain’s ability to provide economic freedom to people irrespective of where they are.

To support the QBIT Africa Meetups, send donations here: QBIT: 0x3Aa6118b749F45D6c96B4747DCa7126679f68DFC. Bitcoin: 15j5DW4WHbZLDpW7qy6D4PrXv9odCE91g9. Contact QBITtimes editor if you want to donate in another Crypto.

Frisco d'Anconia

Frisco d'Anconia is a journalist by profession and a Free Market Policy analyst. Through Africa Youth Peace Call which he founded in 1997, more than 2000 African youth were educated in Free Markets Economics and entrepreneurship. Many of these people have moved on to start businesses and institutions to advocate for market reforms in Africa. In 2007, he won the 1st Prize of the Mont Pelerin Society Essay Competition for Africans under 30 with an essay on Ghana's Telecommunication Liberalization. This man single-handedly brought Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency and Libertarianism to his native Ghana. Since 2011, he has been spreading Blockchain technologies in Ghana through his Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camps. He has written for the Cointelegraph, CryptoCoinsNews, Core Media, Bitcoinchaser and others with the pen name Frisco d'Anconia. From 2016, he is travelling through Africa promoting and writing about Blockchain technologies and its communities for the Crypto journals. So far the Cryptotraveler/Cryptovagabond as he's popularly known has been to 22 African Countries attending conferences, organising Meet-ups and promoting Blockchain Projects. He lives on, and solely earns Crypto and has no bank account. He ardently holds that Blockchain technologies are the answer to Africa's copious malaise. Currently, Mauritius is his base where he runs Qubitica LTD, a Blockchain Company as CEO, and as the Managing Editor of QBITtimes. His interests are Economic Freedom in the world, Fintech, writing, teaching, travelling and children, and has two beautiful daughters.

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  1. Daniel Takriti April 8, 2019

    Great plan! Keep on doing this.

    1. Kelvin Emmra June 16, 2019

      Wow, can’t wait to have QBIT have any of their meetings in Ghana. Hopefully Snr. Kofi can make that happen soon 🙂


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