The QBIT community is excited to announce several new social media pages for QBITtimes.

In a new effort to expand QBIT brand awareness, QBIT times editors Frisco d’Anconia and Koosha Azim have been distributing blockchain content on the following pages.

QBIT Times Twitter

The QBIT Times twitter is used to post about the latest blockchain news written by QBIT journalists. Twitter is also a place for business inquiries as startups may request interviews / featured content by tagging us. Feel free to check it out: @qbittimes

The team will try their best to populate the twitter page with relevant blockchain educational content as well. Our mission is to inform and educate crypto adopters across Africa and beyond.

QBIT Times Facebook

To reach Facebook crypto audiences, the QBIT team has decided to share all community content on the following page:

QBIT Times LinkedIn

The team has also recently launched a new LinkedIn page devoted to sharing community articles across more professional audiences. Blockchain leaders should feel free to tag the QBIT LinkedIn page in articles to be recognized for featured content.

Aside from social media, Everipedia now has a page for QBIT Times. Everipedia is one of the internet’s most popular decentralized applications. It serves as a Wikipedia alternative with less governance and more trust to contributing editors. The site is backed by EOS smart contracts that ensure author digital signatures for every transaction or edit submitted on the platform

These announcements are brought to you by Koosha Azim and other QBIT team members. Feel free to send messages to @kooshaazim on Instagram for more details regarding the QBIT community, featured content pricing, and more.