Digital content distribution is an aspect of the internet that is in constant evolution. With the emergence of Blockchain and other newer technologies, we are bound to experience a new way of exchanging information across the internet. 

Poseidon Network is leading the way in this industry by exploring the benefits of emerging technologies to solve the perennial problem of lagging efficiency in content distribution. The platform is providing a content distribution network (CDN) that will enable users to maximise their internet resources. 

It will be possible through a distributed network that dives into the unused data and make it available for participants within the network. 

What is the Essence of the QQQ Coin?

Bill Sun, Vice President of Poseidon network, exclusively tells QBITtimes that the platform’s token QQQ which launched in May 2019 is designed to carry the core value of the platform which it represents. These values are Quality, Quantity and Quickness. 

Sun explains that the QQQ token is the only way to initialise the Poseidon Network QQQ system based on a scalable blockchain network. The platform’s system services include QWallet, QLauncher and QService, which realise the decentralised nodes and provides tens of thousands of distributed workstations by bootstrapping from QNAP 5M active NAS around the world.

 Proof of Delivery (PoD) Protocol

The Poseidon Network runs on a Proof of Delivery (PoD). According to the Vice President, by using PoD architecture, his company can fulfil a scalable blockchain network.

More so, It also makes millions of heterogeneity IoT devices become one of its nodes. This implementation will solve such problems that streamline specification and environment conditions that restrict the kind of nodes that operate in the network.  

Poseidon’s Roadmap

Sun details his company’s roadmap towards this project as follows:

“In the first two years, we are going to develop our QSystem, including QService, QLauncher, QWallet, and utilise QNAP active NAS to become our nodes. From the beginning of the third year, we start to use other IoT device to scale and rebuild our network. In the meantime, our QService will make much more diversified docker and APPS would be on it. The fourth and fifth year is going to focus on our revenue income and the scalability model of our network.”

Experienced Team

More importantly, Poseidon is a new project, but its founders are not new in the ecosystem. Light Lin, who is the founder of the project, is a well known serial entrepreneur from Taiwan. 

Some of the projects he is part of before Poseidon include, a social networking platform;, a crowd-funding platform;, a blockchain lab; and, a wetland creative, experimental base, among other projects. 

Likewise, other members of the team have played vital roles in the digital space before this time. Therefore, based on this wealth of experience, and the amount of work put into the project, Sun is confident that anyone that is looking for a viable project to join is in safe hands with Poseidon Network.

“If you are looking for a ready product, business model by a proven blockchain company, QQQ is what you are looking for,” he says. “Also, if you are looking for a brand new architecture to scale the blockchain network instead of consensus refined like other public chains, QQQ is what you are looking for.”

In conclusion, he told QBITtimes that his company is going to combine IoT and 5G with blockchain technology to build Poseidon Network, and anyone who holds the QQQ holds the future.