Wednesday was all smiles as the market made a remarkable recovery from what seemed like a deepening crunch on Tuesday. The return to the winning ways was swift and a typical trait of Cryptoland whether at the upside or downside.

Stimulatingly, on Thursday the momentum was affirmed with some additions. At the time of filing this report at 17:00 GMT+2, the market cap has risen to over $143 billion from yesterday’s $142 billion.

At the ranks and file of the elite coins, there was only one casualty. Though the profits were not colossal, below, Decentraland and Ravencoin posted significant accumulations in figures like 29.53% and 18.05% in that order.

Meanwhile, all the attention of the global Cryptocurrency community is on what is going to happen in India on Friday. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) tomorrow will outdoor a policy framework to guide the Crypto Industry vis-avis a Supreme Court directive.

Top 10 Standings at 17:00 GMT+2

The biggest pump on the top 10 for the day came from EOS with 4.91%, and the least was 0.03% courtesy XRP. Ether listed the 2nd biggest swell of 0.64 percentage point.

Similarly, Bitcoin Cash improved 0.58% while BTC inflated 0.47%. Binance redeemed itself with 0.38% profit after posting the least win yesterday on top 10.

Stellar Lumen and Tether were at par with a growth rate of 0.25%. Further, Cardano is in the anal of the records as the second least extension for the day when it clinched 0.18%

Gee! It appears EOS has silenced Litecoin as the Silver of Bitcoin sank today for the first time in many days. It went down with an insignificant point of 0.06%

It wasn’t the best of the best days of the uppermost coins, but the rest of the markets saved the day with an expansion of the market cap. Until tomorrow, enjoy your profits. Markets Maintain Momentum Adding $1 Billion To Market Cap