Koosha Azim and Alyze Sam recently published and co-authored their collaborative ebook: 2020 Complete Stablecoin Guide. Stablecoins are the latest trending evolution in the Financial Technology industry.

 Unlike Bitcoin and other widely known Cryptocurrencies, stablecoins remain stable in value despite their decentralised characteristics. They have recently become an attractive technology for large banks, corporations, and cryptocurrency traders.

As the Editor & Research Scientist for the World Ethical Data Forum, Alyze led the research with fellow Blockchain influencer Koosha Azim to expand on knowledge about Fiat-Collateralized, Metal-Collateralized, Hybrid, and Seigniorage Supply (Algorithmic) stablecoins. With the growing interest of stablecoin education and advocacy in the Cryptocurrency community, their research transformed into a commercial product built for beginners and blockchain veterans alike. 

 After one week of release, the 2020 Complete Stablecoin Guide became the top stablecoin ebook on Amazon and was quickly recognised by prominent figures in the Blockchain community. The ebook was downloaded by Bitcoin billionaire Brock Pierce, Crypto veteran Michael Terpin, and even members of Team McAfee.

 What Are Stablecoins?

Alyze Sam: Simply stated, a Stablecoin is a Cryptocurrency pegged to another asset. Or, a global digital currency solely unrelated to a central entity. 

Stablecoins make for practical usage of Cryptocurrencies by allowing for secure, convenient transactions without the high volatility traditional cryptocurrencies hold.

Exclusive excerpt: “The concept of the Stablecoin officially appeared in the 2012 documentation attached to the first version of Mastercoin. The founders claimed Mastercoin protocol will allow the binding of cryptocurrency to a stable traditional asset.”

Why Are Stablecoins Important?

Koosha Azim: Stablecoins provide a safe onramp into Cryptocurrency trading for all kinds of people. Institutional bankers and passive investors can find excellent stability in their cryptocurrency trading portfolios if their money can be liquidated into stable assets. Traditional fiat currencies back Fiat-Collateralised stablecoins like the US Dollar. 

Conservative traders may find more comfort and trust in holding these pegged currencies rather than betting on Bitcoin’s success. Cryptocurrency mass adoption is a goal shared by many blockchain influencers and developers alike. 

Stablecoins bridge traditional finance and economics to the lesser-known world of Crypto-economics. With a multitude of use cases, new stablecoins can link the gap between various markets and boost the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

How Vital Is A Utility In Stablecoin’s Success?

Koosha Azim: Like any promising asset, stablecoins rely on practical use cases or functionality to drive up trading and saving volume. The Cryptocurrency/Blockchain industry has seen exciting projects failing due to its inability to display any reasonable utility. 

Over time, the market awards coins that are backed with a balance of new tech, utility, and an ability to be quickly adopted among trading newcomers or Wall Street veterans. As the Cryptocurrency market experienced corrections in 2018, many flawed or overrated startups failed to keep up price stability relative to the top 20 coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

As the market grew and contracted over time, well-established coins increased in value while alternate currencies that were once very promising died out.

About authors

 Alyze Sam

Alyze Sam is a blockchain leader, an innovative educator, and a vehemently driven advocate. After dedicating much of her life to her patients in hospice nursing, she branched off into the world of fintech. 

Her life goals include helping her community prosper and supporting other ‘underdogs’ in achieving their aspirations. Sam is the Chief Executive Assistant at the GIVE Nation, a non-profit children’s financial education AI/blockchain project, rewarding philanthropic behaviours in kids. 

Additionally, she is the Community Director at ‘The World Ethical Data Forum’ and a Community Manager for Women in Blockchain International. She assists several non-profits in the Blockchain industry, including Blockchance.eu and Women in Blockchain Foundation. 

In her spare time, she writes for numerous magazines, while humbly being a part of the top 1% of the Blockchain industry as an influencer.

Koosha Azim

Koosha Azim is an Iranian-American Blockchain executive, internet marketer, and essayist. Azim has been involved with the cryptocurrency space since the age of 14. 

Through his young career, he has worked with several blockchain startups and community managers. He leads marketing and branding projects at the GIVE Nation and Africa Blockchain University (ABU). 

Azim is responsible for facilitating several blockchain outreach camps across the African continent through his executive role at the ABU. In his free time, he writes about modern culture and explores the arts through painting.