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Kaaso: The Marketplace For Blockchain Freelancers

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Kaaso: The Marketplace For Blockchain Freelancers


Kaaso (KAASO) is a global freelance marketplace for blockchain, programming, design and social media services. The alpha version was launched in 2015 and had since then onboard thousands of registered users.

The token serves as a consolidated currency for buying and selling services on the Kaaso.com marketplace. As part of QT’s Blockchain Startup series, we reached out to the team.

In a chat with Vladimir Ninov, Co-founder and Managing Director at Kaaso, he revealed the purpose of the project:

“Kaaso’s mission is to scale the freelance economy and to empower individuals to work on projects while residing at various geographical locations around the world. Kaaso also aims to help tech companies, blockchain businesses, and startups effortlessly find freelancers at the best possible price point.”

Ninov announced that the long term goal is to integrate Kaaso marketplace into the Webhits.io platform. In fact, he intimated the steps on the integration have already taken place.

KAASO’s Underlying Technology

Kaaso is a utility ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The ecosystem runs around the native token known, which is used to access and settle services rendered.

It has a maximum supply of 120,000,000. However, only 600,000 tokens went on sale at Private Sales.


The project is already ahead of its roadmap for 2019 with a fully working platform. But, it is without token synthesis.

Moreover, Exchange listing is in place, and it is trading on EtherFlyer and VinDax. Currently, the team is focusing on the Beta platform development for token integration.

Therefore, 2020 would see the launch of the unified token marketplace Beta platform. After that, Crypto exchanges and partnerships expansion, a global marketing campaign to raise awareness for user acquisition would follow.

Message To Community

When QT asked Ninov whether the team had a message for their community, he had this to say:

“Kaaso’s mission is to scale the freelance economy and to empower individuals to work on projects while residing at various geographical locations around the world. Feel most welcome to join and post your services today!”

QT wishes the KAASO team the best of luck, and thanks for giving the Blockchain community another exciting project. To our cherished readers, we urge you to do your due diligence before you invest in the project.

Frisco d'Anconia

Frisco d'Anconia is a journalist by profession and a Free Market Policy analyst. Through Africa Youth Peace Call which he founded in 1997, more than 2000 African youth were educated in Free Markets Economics and entrepreneurship. Many of these people have moved on to start businesses and institutions to advocate for market reforms in Africa. In 2007, he won the 1st Prize of the Mont Pelerin Society Essay Competition for Africans under 30 with an essay on Ghana's Telecommunication Liberalization. This man single-handedly brought Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency and Libertarianism to his native Ghana. Since 2011, he has been spreading Blockchain technologies in Ghana through his Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camps. He has written for the Cointelegraph, CryptoCoinsNews, Core Media, Bitcoinchaser and others with the pen name Frisco d'Anconia. From 2016, he is travelling through Africa promoting and writing about Blockchain technologies and its communities for the Crypto journals. So far the Cryptotraveler/Cryptovagabond as he's popularly known has been to 22 African Countries attending conferences, organising Meet-ups and promoting Blockchain Projects. He lives on, and solely earns Crypto and has no bank account. He ardently holds that Blockchain technologies are the answer to Africa's copious malaise. Currently, Mauritius is his base where he runs Qubitica LTD, a Blockchain Company as CEO, and as the Managing Editor of QBITtimes. His interests are Economic Freedom in the world, Fintech, writing, teaching, travelling and children, and has two beautiful daughters.

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