To give a new force to the adoption of blockchain technology, two industry veterans Apereum and Team Mcafee have collaborated to launch Illumnine – a crypto business incubator which assists companies in their pursuit for the adoption of blockchain. Illumine helps global clientele focus on improving unparalleled blockchain/crypto applications.

The concept behind the launch of Illumnine is quite simple. There are many companies in the domain of financial technology who want to use the blockchain but don’t have the expertise to conceive and implement the technology. Illumnine is going to provide all the technical support for the organizations by offering consultancy services and expert solutions. The venture has got the credibility as it is backed by diverse industry veterans who have carved a place for themselves in the crypto industry based on their excellent work.

Among the team of founders, the prominent names include John McAfee, Patrick Devereaux, Bruce Heidelberg, Tommy Austin, and Robert King. Qbittimes community member Koosha Azim is also the youngest individual involved with McAfee’s latest initiative. The strong team of founders at Illumnine is quite good from the perspective of ensuring credibility. It will be exciting to witness whether this new venture will be able to find support from prospective companies or not.