The world’s largest blockchain platform, ICON, has signed a partnership agreement with an African association that specializes in driving the adoption of blockchain technology on the continent.

In a press release, the United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) has disclosed that the partnership with ICON will provide, among other things, education programs and incubation for decentralized applications. Additionally, ICON will facilitate roadshows in Africa aimed at driving the adoption of blockchain technology. 

UABA’s Role 

UABA, on the other hand, will help ICON to deploy its blockchain network on the continent. As part of the partnership, UABA will become the first civil society in the Africa Blockchain community to be a DAO. 

The working agreement further tasks the African Blockchain educational outfit to help ICON promote their ICONSENSUS campaign of the ICON Foundation, thereby facilitating potential P-Rep candidates.

According to Josh Choi, Director of Public Affairs, ICON:

“There are huge opportunities in Africa for blockchain projects. ICON’s blockchain platform and solutions can help solve various challenges that the continent is facing. The partnership between ICON and UABA will build lots of synergy for each other as well as nurture the blockchain community in Africa.”

Furthermore, the partnership paved the way for Choi to be on the Advisory Board of UABA. 

Blame African Leaders

Soko and Choi Signing the Partnership Agreement

While welcoming Choi to its board, UABA’s chairperson, Yaliwe Soko, said that those in leadership positions had orchestrated the current state of affairs in Africa. However, Soko added:

We are here as UABA to change the narrative by emulating the technology we promote; our partnership with ICON will set an example for non-profit organizations to emulate. We are honoured to have the support from ICON.”

In Feb this year, ICON became an Advanced Technology Partner on the Amazon Web Services’ Partner Network (APN). The status made it possible for developers to run the ICON blockchain on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

UABA, a non-profit organization, seeks to push the continent towards using blockchain technology in both private and public sectors. The issues that drive the organization include sovereign identity, education, poverty alleviation, gender equality, job creation, fair and efficient trade, financial inclusion, skills development. UABA’s target is to reach one million people in Africa through its Train the Trainer in Blockchain initiative.