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Hyper Speed Network Pioneers The World’s First 5G Application On The Blockchain

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Hyper Speed Network Pioneers The World’s First 5G Application On The Blockchain


Hyper Speed Network (HSN) is the world’s first Public Chain plus 5G Application value eco-network. As the primary public chain of the 5G digital economy, HSN aims to make complex application scenarios network-enabled by using blockchain.

So, HSN’s purpose is to assist the industrial development in the 5G age. Speaking to QT as part of our Blockchain Startup coverage, Tommy Chai, CEO of the project made some interesting disclosures about the project.

He stated: 

“After the mainnet launch, HSN will be widely used in cloud VR/AR, Smart Security, Internet of Vehicles (IoV), Smart City, Smart Manufacturing. Other use cases include crewless Aerial Vehicles (UAV), SD-WAN + NAS, Mesh products, edge computing modules, and other applications of the 5G environment.”

Chai denoted that It is essential to understand that HSN is not a 5G equipment manufacturer who directly provide 5G equipment to operators. However, HSN provides its patented technology solutions to these manufactures. 

Existing Partners

According to the Hyper Speed Network’s CEO, manufacturers using the Technology immensely benefit from it, as they can warrant customers’ data security without making concessions on speed. Moreover, the B2B field is the most important target group for HSN. 

“It is imperative to understand that we can rely on our subsidiaries, TenBay IoT and NineChain,” Chai related. “They not only offer us technical support during the hardware and software development process; they also provide us access to existing sales channels.”

Furthermore, he explained both companies have been operating for several years and built relationships with leading telecommunication companies and hardware manufacturers. It is his point of view that such a track record ensures that the solution they are building will be used. 

“It has already led to partnerships with Lenovo, Quectel and MeiG. Then, a bid to create a ‘smart’ scenic spot in Wulan County, China,” Chai revealed.

HSN’s Underlying Technology

HSN is a public blockchain making use of miner and edge nodes. It additionally employs Layered Consensus Mechanism, File Encryption and de-duplication, Blocking Technology and sidechain technology. 

Chai described further: 

“HSN optimises the Miner Node mechanism to manage tasks of the core network and system functions better. These include running multiple services on a side chain, support of 5G module group expansion, tracking and measuring of equipment normal running time, and arrangement of miner payout schedule.”

Unlike, for example, EOS, HSN Miner Nodes do not only perform smart contracts and produce blocks. They as well render storage services for big data of the whole network. 

As the primary nodes of IPFS-like distributed storage network, they ensure the efficient, reliable and trusted blockchain network services within the entire HSN network. 

Besides that, HSN Miner Nodes also have a device module which can access smart terminals and adapt to video, network and other access modes. Miner Nodes utilise a PBFT-DPoS consensus mechanism responsible for block generation and storage of critical data.

Moreover, HSN innovatively introduces the Edge Node concept. As an indispensable supplement to Miner and Edge Node mechanism takes over the intensive computing services. 

“It helps reduce the response delay and bandwidth cost and meet the needs of various smart scenarios under the decentralised architecture model,” Chai added. 

Five Years Roadmap 

Chai highlighted that In May this year, HSN released its roadmap for the first three years. Till now it is not just on schedule, but ahead. 

The video and blockchain storage solution and SD-WAN system are already prepared. Again, the MiFi products and HSN Blockchain Explorer will be ready in Q4 2019.

“We are confident by 2021, lots of Dapps is going to run on HSN mainnet, he predicted. “The user Activity and On-chain Data Interaction Rank First in the Industry.” 

Among other things, HSN’s 5G Blockchain Product solutions would be in Large-scale Commercial use. And subsequently, HSN could establish a Decentralised Reliable Business and Social Economic System.

Message To HSN Community

For those who are looking to trade or hodl HSN, the coin has so far listed on two exchanges. It is on DragonEX and MXC with BTC and USDT pairs, and just got listed on CoinMarketCap a few days ago.

On behalf of the team, Chai had this message for their community:

“We want to thank all of our community members that joined our journey during the early days of HSN! Without their support, it would have been impossible to grow into a globally recognised project. We have already on-boarded loyal community members across different areas, including Southeast Asia, Russia and Europe, among others. Their local knowledge and network help us to convey our message in the right way and get us in touch with the right people to further expand our business across the world.”

He assured the community that, the coin would soon be on other exchanges. At the moment, the team is in talks with several leading exchanges that are focused on western users and will announce more listings shortly.

Frisco d'Anconia

Frisco d'Anconia is a journalist by profession and a Free Market Policy analyst. Through Africa Youth Peace Call which he founded in 1997, more than 2000 African youth were educated in Free Markets Economics and entrepreneurship. Many of these people have moved on to start businesses and institutions to advocate for market reforms in Africa. In 2007, he won the 1st Prize of the Mont Pelerin Society Essay Competition for Africans under 30 with an essay on Ghana's Telecommunication Liberalization. This man single-handedly brought Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency and Libertarianism to his native Ghana. Since 2011, he has been spreading Blockchain technologies in Ghana through his Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camps. He has written for the Cointelegraph, CryptoCoinsNews, Core Media, Bitcoinchaser and others with the pen name Frisco d'Anconia. From 2016, he is travelling through Africa promoting and writing about Blockchain technologies and its communities for the Crypto journals. So far the Cryptotraveler/Cryptovagabond as he's popularly known has been to 22 African Countries attending conferences, organising Meet-ups and promoting Blockchain Projects. He lives on, and solely earns Crypto and has no bank account. He ardently holds that Blockchain technologies are the answer to Africa's copious malaise. Currently, Mauritius is his base where he runs Qubitica LTD, a Blockchain Company as CEO, and as the Managing Editor of QBITtimes. His interests are Economic Freedom in the world, Fintech, writing, teaching, travelling and children, and has two beautiful daughters.

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