Gomics (GOM) strives to implement a blockchain entertainment platform that facilitates the process of producing and consuming content. It claims to provides steady financial statements using the GOM token as the native currency.

To achieve this, it operates the platform by mass-producing statistically proven business webtoon contents. It is, therefore, ensuring stable profitability for writers and individuals.

In a chat with QT, Demian Han, Founder of Gomics, stated that the contents market is the very beginning stage. “The bottom line is that Gomics is differentiated to be able to produce the contents with its copyrights, unlike others,” Han maintained.

Gomics’ Underlying Technology

According to the project’s Whitepaper, Gomics’ mechanical structure is divided into three stages of Contract, Business and Application stage. Gomics is being developed, based on STEEM structure, which complements the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) with cross-chain technology. There is the addition of sidechain, which allows other types of chains to be cross over.

The Contract stage is the most basic level of GOM blockchain. “In the Business stage, using the combination of AI and big data, users evaluate and verify contents,” Han announced.

Further, Han explained that through the business stage of API, Gomics based community would be constructed. The IPFS has been influenced by internet data transfer area and widely applied since 1991 when the first contract of HTTP was settled.

“P2P data transmission allows people to transfer the data at higher speeds,” he informed QT. “IPFS is the distributed file system founded by Juan Benet in May 2014.”

The founded revealed Protocol Labs helped to develop the system, and it has several features. Some of these peculiarities include Content Addressing, Versioning and P2P transmission.

Five Years Roadmap

The Gomics team aims to make the project a Comprehensive Blockchain Entertainment terrace. Mostly, the focus would be on producing a large number of contents by themselves over the next five years.

Han who doubles as CEO of Coinplanet, Korea, said they dream of becoming a contents platform like Netflix. The goal is to make sure anyone can join and share content.

GOM was listed on CoinMarketCap a couple of days ago. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders can buy and sell the coin on CoinTiger and Hotbit with BTC, ETH and USDT pairs.

“Powerful real Economy, Significant Business, Terrific Token Economy. Let us build this future together with Gomics,” Han communicated to the platform’s community members.