“GIVE is an incubator for young people to learn finance, entrepreneurship and innovation to prepare future businessmen and women who can learn by doing.” Drita Kadriu, Director of Higher Education/ Minister of Education of Kosovo.

Unlike your typical cryptocurrency project, Give Nation addresses issues beyond blockchain and finance. GIVE provides a platform for kids to practice financial responsibility, earn GIV tokens, and give back to their community.

By downloading the Give Nation app, kids are granted the opportunity to receive chores and tasks by their parents. Fortunately, kids may receive GIV incentives for completing tasks. By receiving and holding this currency, kids begin practicing money management in an engaging way and at an early age. GIVE’s app provides everyday kids with the enriching opportunity to establish vital skills for the modern world.

Besides earning GIV, kids can even donate their tokens or time to respected charities through the app. The altruistic nature of the Give ecosystem has the potential of creating a generation of happy givers.

Young users can see the impact of what they GIVE through the app, through tracking the donation of their token. This process strengthens the meaning and emotional link of such donations.


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(via https://givenation.world/how-it-works/ )

Give Nation

Koosha Azim is a teenage serial entrepreneur who is an editor for QBITtimes as well as an ambassador for Give Nation. He believes that projects like GIVE can help drive cryptocurrency adoption for Gen Z and support a rising trend of giving back.