Devina Dutta, the Crypto Scammer, has been sighted in South Africa just recently. Reliable information reaching QBITtimes indicate that she was spotted on a safari at Kruger National Park with a female colleague.

Further checks showed pictures of her and the female colleague she has posted on her Facebook wall. XcelTrip has therefore renewed their call on the public to help apprehend this fraudster.

It will be recalled that QBITtimes published an article on May 15, 2019, exposing how Dutta, an ex-employee of XcelTrip allegedly stole an unspecified amount of Bitcoin running into hundreds of thousands of dollars and valuable data from her employers. She forged a fake exchange listing of XcelTrip on the Huobi and Bitfinex platform and kept funds allocated for that.

Bounty On Her Head

XcelTrip has offered a reward of $5000 on information leading to her arrest. However, if Dutta, the Crypto Scammer refunds the money she is alleged to have stolen from XcelTrip, whoever aided in her capture would receive $40,000 reward.

The Blockchain/Cryptocurrency community in South Africa should be on alert and help arrest her. The authorities in South Africa, especially at Kruger National Park, has been informed about the global hunt for this fraudster.

Dutta’s Background

Dutta is an Australian born Malaysian who resides in Kuala Lumpur, the national capital of Malaysia. She was employed as Head of Business Development & Public Relations at XCeltrip.

She claims to be the co-founder of BlockBlazon, a company which hosts Elite Private Investor Series and focuses on hosting events which match blockchain projects with quality investors. Checks on BlockBlazon by QBITtimes indicated that the company is non-existent and their website is in maintenance mode.

It has been established that she holds Australian and Malaysian passports. Per Malaysian law, it is illegal to hold dual passports, and she is likely to face criminal charges for that as well.

Dutta is likely to be hiding in Malaysia, Thailand or Australia. Anyone who has any information about her where about should contact QBITtimes or XcelTrip via