Cryptoshere has come to stay, and irrespective of the adversaries and the elements using the ecosystem for fraudulent means, it won’t go away. Moreover, diversity is immaculately conspicuous in this space.

The monetary competition Satoshi’s handiwork has provided is so liberating for humankind. Every day, a new choice with different features comes into the system. At QT, one of our loci is to help the global Blockchain community to understand new entrants to make informed choices. 

DARMA Cash (DMCH), a private centric Decentralised Finance project based on Oracles and atomic swap technology just listed on CoinMarketCap. QT reached out to the team and Vincent ø Ka, a Community Administrator, discussed an in-depth analysis of the project with us.

QBITtimes (QT): Could you define what DARMA is about, and the distinction it is delivering to the Crypto Market?

Vincent ø Ka (VK): DARMA Cash (DMC) is a high-speed Blockchain which integrates state-of-the-art privacy technologies based on Monero (XMR) to achieve truly private addresses, concealed financial data, masked identities, traceless IP, private Smart Contracts and DeFi based on Oracle and atomic swap technology. DMC is the cutting-edge of a new generation of anonymous Blockchains.  

QT: What is the underlying Consensus Mechanism, and why the choice? 

VK: The underlying mechanism of DARMA chain is PoW + DPoS, which will ultimately move to pure DPoS. The DPoS will be integrated after the mainnet launch, since we do not want to expose users’ addresses when introducing DPoS, Smart Contracts, exchanges, etc., so we are about to add the subaddress function into TestNet. Subaddress can solve the above problems to a certain extent. The DPoS of DarmaCash is easy to operate, and the mobile App can buy tickets directly to do the PoS operation. PoS mining pool is with a low coin threshold and has no node restrictions. Anyone can build the PoS mining pool without permission, so the recent events of the Steem project will not happen on the DPoS of DarmaCash. DPoS TestNet was completed in April successfully.

QT: Give us a Sketch of your roadmap for the next five years, so that anyone interested in joining your community can understand your vision?

VK: The roadmap is available on the official website for everyone to see:

QT: Which sector of society and Industry, DARMA is going to disrupt, or challenge?

VK: DARMA is a revolution for the privacy protection sector of the Blockchain industry. There are many big privacy projects like Zcash and Monero, but they are merely a payment option just like Bitcoin is but with an added privacy, however, DARMA offers a lot more than that. With DARMA, anyone can issue their Smart Contracts, privacy tokens and use them in their dApps, hence providing an opportunity to build a decentralised, and anonymous ecosystem of their own. Various sectors like medical, supply chain, betting, enterprise applications can use the DARMA privacy technology to securely issue and manage their data assets.

QT: Apart from CoinMarketCap, are there other rating platforms the project is listed, and what are the exchanges it’s trading on now?

VK: Yes, apart from CoinMarketCap DARMA was listed on CoinGecko, as well, and many other platforms, here is a list of a few of them.

DARMA Cash is also trading on Hotbit and CITEX.

QT: Any message for your community, hodlers and anyone out there who wants to join the DARMA community?

VK: DARMA team is here for a long run, and with a mission of establishing DARMA as one of the strongest privacy protection projects in the space. DMCH is not merely a coin but it’s a gateway to participate in the DARMA ecosystem, and we welcome everyone to come and participate in building DARMA ecosystem with us. To connect with us, you can join DARMA Communities here: 





QT: Thank you, Vincent.