The Chinese government is using Blockchain Technology to run consultation with stakeholders, maintain medical data and track the supply of virus prevention materials in the fight against Coronavirus.

According to Local Chinese News Outlet Xinhua, Blockchain Technology with the use of encrypted data and records to track transactions has been aiding the government and medical agencies in combating the disease without jeopardising privacy. Moreso, they are leveraging the technology to ensure donated supplies get to those who need it most. 

It was further revealed that China had launched 20 Blockchain apps in the first two weeks of February to tackle the difficulties posed by the outbreak of the viral disease. Among this, private and identification information management is the primary domain of blockchain application as more people return to work in February. 

Initiatives In The Provinces

On February 1, a Blockchain online consultation and screening system was initiated in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, northwest of the country. The system is said to securely manage the health records of patients while guaranteeing interoperability and privacy.

Moreover, Vastchain Technology has introduced an Access Pass, on the chatting application WeChat that generates QR codes to grant access to residents entering gated communities in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Vastchain indicated that personal information received is encrypted and stored in a cloud server on the Blockchain and will destroy all the data openly after the pandemic ends.

Another Blockchain initiative is from the payment giant Alipay in collaboration with the Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission and the Economy and Information Technology Department. The application ensures the analysis, documentation and tracking of demand, supplies and logistics of disease prevention materials.

Stocks require various stakeholders which include donors and recipients to delivery and warehousing. Alipay stated that the whole process of recording and verifying by each participant tamper-resistant, therefore, facilitating anyone to track the process.

Besides, Blockchain technology was utilised in the daily updates regarding Coronavirus by the government in Jinan, Shandong Province.

Local officials report Blockchain makes information traceable and unalterable on their platform, allowing them to collect data on the disease and dismiss rumours to assist the public to be at ease. 

Blockchain Usecase 

The use of Blockchain in various fields and industry continues to rise. Though the technology is in its infancy, it is gaining popularity.

It is splendid to see how multinationals like Coca Cola, IBM, Nestle, among others, are leveraging it for various purposes. From supply chain, health, education, Agriculture to financial inclusion, the technology seems to be useful.

China’s utilisation in fighting the outbreak of Coronavirus should be a wake-up call to nations around the world, especially in developing countries, to consider looking into the technology. It is a reminder of good things, human freedom and prosperity the fourth Industry revolution is ushering in.