Investec Private Banking has joined the Blockchain Africa Conference 2020 as the Premier Sponsor. Bitcoin Events, organisers of the Conference delightedly declared in a press release on Tuesday. 

Africa’s most prestigious Blockchain Conference in its 6th consecutive year will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa from 11-12 March 2020. The confab, as usual, will host hundreds of industry players and experts in the Blockchain and other emerging technology ecosystem. 

Investec, which manages over £150 billion, is a provider of specialist banking, wealth, investment and asset management services. According to the press release, it started as a small finance company in South Africa in 1974, and today it is an international organisation. 

A Statement From Investec

The Premier Sponsor through a representative expressed their confidence in the potential of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies and how it is going to shape banking and investments in the coming future. The statement pointed out:

 “…we support innovation and forward-thinking in this space. We’re excited that Blockchain Africa will be a platform for networking opportunities, global thinking and thought leaders. We are also proud that Investec will host the event and that our thought leaders will be part of the forum and will hopefully lend a unique perspective to the event,” 

Investec acknowledged that technology brings change; however, how we encounter, evaluate and react to that transformation is as important as the change itself. Therefore, the need to recognise our direction and the consequence of progressive technology on individuals, institutions and society. 

The release quoted Nelson Mandela in 1998 when Investec was launching its building in Johannesburg: 

“Here is a company which stands head and shoulders above its peers, not merely because of its phenomenal growth or its sound management of assets, but because it is a trendsetter,”

Bitcoin Events communicated their appreciation and hinted how they are looking forward to partnering with Investec in this year’s Blockchain Africa Conference. They expect to hear the Private Bank’s unique perspectives on Blockchain technologies as well.

Introduction Of Keynote Speaker

The statement also introduced Chris Becker, who is Investec’s Blockchain technology specialist and focuses on product development and strategy as one of the keynote speakers of the conference. Before joining Investec, his career traversed more than a decade as a macro-economic strategist to institutional asset managers, hedge funds and commercial bank FICC desks. 

Becker is co-founder of Mises Institute South Africa and holds an undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Stellenbosch University. He will be addressing the conference delegates on ‘Banking on Blockchain’.

The Blockchain Africa Conference 2020, which has the theme, Blockchain Technology: Beyond The Hype’, is featuring other keynote speakers like Tone Vays and many other speakers.