QBITtimes featured Mark Berger, a man with vast expertise in Investment Banking, Digital Transformation, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Trading, Exchanges, Custody of Digital Assets, Tokenization, Regulation as the Blockchain Personality of the week.

QBITtimes (QT): Could you share with our readers your background? 

Mark Berger (MB): I have relevant management experience, in-depth know-how in the sectors of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, investment banking, and regulation. In fact, I was responsible for the very successful Blockchain & cryptocurrency team at a well known Investment Bank in Zurich, Switzerland, where I managed several Blockchain initiatives.

Also defended, explained, and educated the Banks Crypto business model against regulatory scrutiny from the local regulator. Before my footprints in Crypto, I co-founded and exited a flourishing social media company to Europe’s most prominent media house.

Today yours sincerely is active as a consultant for high-quality companies like AlpahPoint, Currency.com, IOHK, Heroesgroup, Curv.co, promising STOs and others. Currency.com has managed to be the first regulated tokenised securities trading platform in the world.

Raised 8 Million USD in traditional VC funding based on the white paper I wrote and presented. Currency.com Managed to onboard 130’000 users within the first two months after the go-live.

AlphaPoint has over 100 clients globally and delivers robust technology for tokenisation, trading, liquidity, custody, and data. I help AlphaPoint to manage the demand from big institutional players in financial services such as exchanges, banks, broker/dealers, innovative Fintech’s, and real estate portfolio companies to capitalise on AlphaPoints technology.

Moreso, my profile has profound academic knowledge in the area of digital currencies and blockchain technology. I hold an MSc in Digital Currencies & Blockchain from the University of Nicosia, which was the first University in the world to offer such a program. 

QT: How did you get into Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies? 

MB: Like many others, I first didn’t take Bitcoin very serious. As Bitcoin kept growing in the early days, I spent some time on it to understand it and started a hobby mining facility in my basement. 

QT: What are some of the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency projects you involved?  

MB: I am running a Blockchain/Cryptocurrency consulting firm in the Crypto Valley in Zug. We treat all our clients equal, so I can’t pick just one and promote it here. You can find more about it here, www.markberger.ch, including the projects or brands we have been working with recently if they have chosen to be listed publicly. 

QT: From your perspective, what hinders mainstream adoption of Blockchain Technologies? 

MB: The following things: a) Regulatory hurdles b) Scalability c) Ease of use (UX/UI) 

QT: How do you see Blockchain/Crypto solving problems and making the world a better place?

MB:   Blockchain enables a Full-reserve money system, which allows trust between individuals who don’t know each other and create a system that disincentivises criminal activities or fraud. In short, Blockchain is the power for the people!” 

QT: Let’s say you fall asleep and wake up in 50 years, what question would you ask first about Blockchain/Crypto?

MB: I would call my brother and ask if he has finally given up on FIAT currencies? 

QT: Tell me your most Provocative/controversial thought in Crypto? 

MB: Bitcoin was invented by someone from the future who invented the time machine to create a better future without crime. 

QT: Which Blockchain/Crypto project is your favourite? 

MB: Bitcoin for being the best store of value -Etherum for complex transactions -Tezos for killing it with governance -EOS for the advanced technical solution -Chainlink for making decentralised data oracles happen -0X for the constant innovation on decentralised trading -DAI for bringing decentral stability -Siacoin for enabling decentralised data storage -Ren for its privacy and many others…

QT: Thank you very much.