Bitcoin Price breached the resistance point of $8500 dragging along altcoins as prices jump for almost every Cryptocurrency. On Tuesday night, the first market mover posted an appreciation of over 7 per cent to sell around $8700.

The most significant accumulation at press time on Wednesday morning at 06:00 GMT is Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. The Bitcoin Fork which is a brainchild of Dr Craig Wright, the disputed Satoshi Nakamoto went up at almost 80 per cent.

The rise saw the coin which is heading for a Genesis fork in a few weeks jumping from the 8th position on CoinMarketCap to the 4th. Subsequently, Bitcoin SV is now valuable than Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Litecoin and EOS with a market capitalization of $6.4 billion.

Additionally, 12th ranked digital currency, which is Dash raked in a growth rate, that is very commendable. The pacesetter of Community Governance in Cryptocurrency was soaring above 50 percentage point at the time of writing this article.

On top 100, every coin is in the green mood, and the market cap of the entire ecosystem has shot up to almost $240 billion. At the end of last week, the market valuation was less than $200 billion in total.


Is It A Bull Run?

The development has spontaneously created euphoria across the entire Cryptocurrency community. However, some people are calling for caution. 

From that perspective, their point is based on the fact that when altcoin gains are higher than Bitcoin, it makes it unhealthy. But in April 2019 when the Bitcoin Bull run began, it was preceded by Alt gains.

On Crypto Twitter, Crypto Chris Walken was of the view that the pump wouldn’t last. Therefore, traders and hodlers must take out profits before the market corrects. 

More so, Crypto_MG felt there would be a clean breakout. “I am not super bullish yet. Midrange and ichi cloud can be an important resistance,” he posted.

Vincent Hoffman, Community Relations Manager at HTMLCoin in reply to a tweet asking whether it’s a bull run and Alt season indicated he’s quite chilled these days with the up and downs. He wrote:

“I’m quite chilled these days with the ups and downs. While I intently follow the various news from the crypto space, I have stopped trying to predict and understand immediate price movements. I prefer to focus my energy on adding value & hoping for the best.”

“The fact that BSV is a thing and gets speculative attention indicates how far we are from mature crypto markets,” Muneeb, CEO and Founder of Blockstack tweeted.

Others, notwithstanding, consider it a Bull run, and the genesis of good things to come. Nicholas Merten of DashData and stated how he is excited to see crypto markets waking up again. 

“Not only was crypto the best performing asset class of 2019, but it’s already the best-performing asset class for 2020 by a long-shot,” Merten tweeted. “The crazy thing is, I feel we’re just getting started.”

Snapshot of Top 10 

Meanwhile, on Wednesday morning, Bitcoin was selling at $8718 with an appreciation rate of 2.41 per cent. ETH profited 10.07 per cent to sell at $164.

XRP had an expansion of 7.98 per cent with a price of $0.234749, while Bitcoin SV was up 79.33 per cent. Its price rose to $ 362, a situation many are questioning. 

Bitcoin Cash’s price is now $334 after it pumped 21.37 per cent but lost the 4th rank to BSV. Stablecoin, Tether had the least growth rate on top 10, which was 0.22 per cent with a $1 market price.

The seventh most expensive Crypto title belongs to Litecoin which sells on the exchanges for $57 recording an increase in its value at 8.42 per cent. EOS made hodlers 13.95 per cent richer and closed with a price of $3.74.

Binance Coin now occupies the 9th spot accumulating 7.27 per cent earnings accompanied by $16.63 price. Tron completed the list with a 12.08 per cent leap and an exchange rate of $0.016963.

Time, always tell, if it is a bull run or not. QT will continue to update you.