Kiana Danial, CEO of Invest Diva, has predicted that Bitcoin price will go down back to $1800. She is optimistic it will have to happen before the next bull run.

In an interview with Anthony Pompliano on the Off the Chain podcast, the Iranian national, who is now an American citizen made the statement when she was asked about her controversial thought in Crypto.

From Danial’s perspective that is the price, it could go down to because that was the resistance price for a long time before the 2017 bull run. “…And I don’t see any reason why it couldn’t go down there before the next generation of sentiments goes back up,” she said.

Discovering Bitcoin

Danial, who is the author of Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies related on the show how she got to know about Bitcoin. In 2011 when she was working at a forex company at Wall Street, a friend in Switzerland urged her to buy but she saw it as a scam and declined.

It was at the time Bitcoin price was $11. A decision she confessed she later regretted and kicked herself for not buying.

Later in 2017, a UK firm asked her to run research about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for them, and she was blown away by what she found. “Oh my God I cannot believe I haven’t been involved in this,” she exclaimed.

Writing A Crypto Book

Discussing her book on Crypto, she told Pompliano she didn’t intend to write a book about Crypto since she was pregnant and wanted to concentrate on her daughter. However, she saw so many of her students losing money in crypto, so many of them asking her about it, what it was, where to buy and the market going down. It was at this point that she realised it was imperative to write a book about Crypto.

Danial recognised that there are opportunities and scammers as well in the space and She had to answer the questions people ask just like when she was learning about Crypto. She also asked her students the questions bordering their minds and tackled issues that will help people not to fall in the hands of scammers.

Moreover, where to buy it, how you store it and ensure you are not hacked and how to invest was essential. The investment advisor explained Crypto investing is similar to Stock and forex trading, and it’s a cross between.

When the host asked her what the goal of the book was, she said it was to inform many people as possible about the opportunities and prevent them from falling into the wrong path and losing money.

She announced that this month all proceeds from the book sold on her website would be donated to an organisation working against sexual abuse and trafficking of young children. Refreshingly, you can buy the book with Cryptocurrency.

Iran and Crypto

On her take on the Iranian government embracing Crypto, she laughed and said:

“Well, that’s the Iranian gov’t for you. I don’t want to be accused of being a spy. I honestly don’t know why they are doing that and what their purposes are. But I think they are using it as a way to come back with the sanctions and show the rest of the world, the Saudis and Americans hey we got something. The same reason why Venezuela create their own Crypto.”

In her opinion, there are a lot of European countries who want to do business with Iran but can’t because of the US. It looks like Crypto will give them an advantage.

Danial thinks the Impact of the sanction on the people is horrible. “The Iranian government and the Iranian people are two different entities. By sanctioning Iran you think you’re punishing the government, but the impact is on the people who don’t even like the gov’t,” she remarked.

She stated the gov’t has money, islands and their children go to school at top universities abroad and they are not feeling the sanctions but the people. Moreso, it is her believe the sanctions are incredibly strategic. “If you want to sanction somebody, it should be Saudi Arabia since they have far less human rights than Iran,” she intimated. “The US decided that Iran has to be the enemy so that the US could have a better oil deal with the Saudis.”

Bitcoin Lighting Torch

When the Bitcoin Lighting Touch issue came up, and Pompliano asked Danial how she feels about it especially someone sending the coin from Iran to Israel, this was her response:

“I was blown away when I heard about it. I think it’s amazing. I think it is fascinating. And I think it puts a lot of power in people. This is why Cryptocurrency was invented, to begin with – decentralisation. It takes power from the centralised entity, and it is an example of it.

The impact on the Iranian gov’t she said might be one of excitement that the people are using Crypto. However, the gov’t can take advantage of it and use it against the people.

But Pomp countered that Bitcoin is the only tool that falls in the hands of the gov’t and can’t be used against the people. Nevertheless, Bitcoin is non-violent, and governments can’t use it to hurt people. He further maintained people could use Bitcoin to fight back against the gov’t especially during government induced inflationary period.

But he feared the media spins that around and say governments are using Bitcoin to evade sanctions. Though he admits it is true, but Crypto is not the only currency used for that, and the US Dollar is used for such purposes on a massive scale globally.

The Invest Diva CEO revealed she had refused an invitation to go to Iran to speak about Bitcoin. When Pompliano asked why she answered, she is scared and probably been following too much US media about Iran.

Educating People About Crypto

Furthermore, the host and his guest agreed content is needed to educate people about the space. “The community has become very niche, especially after the bubble burst. The average Joe doesn’t want to hear about Bitcoin anymore, and I think that’s unfortunate and the community is becoming very small,” Danial asserted.

She pointed out that to adapt and for crypto to scale and be used by everybody we have to educate the average person who doesn’t know anything about Crypto, who is burnt and lost a ton of money in Bitcoin about the possibilities and everybody can take advantage of it and use it.

Important Crypto Company

Danial thinks Basic Attention Token is the most important Crypto company out there when it was put to her. Surprisingly, her reason was that she likes the team.

Previously she was into Ripple but the JP Morgans and the rest are building their coins, and that makes it competitive. BAT, in fact, appeals to her because it is the team behind the Brave browser. “They are trying to revolutionalise the advertising industry, and it has a real user case for crypto. I think it’s brilliant” she concluded.