At 07:00 GMT+4 on Saturday, Bitcoin price rose to $5816.96 to set an all-time high price for 2019. At Midnight on Friday, the first mover of digital currency was trading around $5400.

It grew 4.16 to set the new record which has basically dragged along most prominent coins. Bitcoins trading volume for the last 24 hours is in the region of $19 billion while the market capitalisation is almost $103 billion.

Moreover, the total market cap of the entire ecosystem was over $185 billion at the time of filing this report at 08:00 GMT+4. Most currencies are in the profit zone as a matter of fact.

Earlier in the week, BTC price retreated from the $5500 zone to sell around $5100 to $5200. However, at the dying embers of the week, the market bounced back and headed to its previous price range.

Surprisingly, the retreat which was attributed to the fraud allegation made against Bitifinex‘s handling of Tether’s backing funds didn’t have a prolonged effect, unlike previous Cryptocurrency exchange scandals.

$6000 In Sight?

It is obvious everyone is anticipating the price hitting $6000 soon with this price rally. The highest Bitcoin price has run to in 2019 prior to the new record is $5600 but it couldn’t on.

Overcoming the $5700 resistance to post the current price might be a signal that $6000 is close. Anyway, we need to observe how it plays out whether it can sail through without any blemish.

Top 10 Standings

Bitcoin Price Soars To $5800 Lifting Market Cap To $185 Billion

Bitcoin Cash made the highest profits on the top echelons securing 7.84%. LTC followed suit with 5.06 percentage points.

EOS made it 3.50% while ETH posted gains of 1.91. In the same winning style, Stellar, XRP and Tether sequentially sprung 1.54%, 1.30% and 0.11%.

The only casualties at the elite level were from Cardano and Binance but negligible. Cardano squandered 0.07 of its hodlers funds with BNB throwing away 0.75.

Moreover, the whole of the top 100 on CoinMarketcap registered 22 coins dropping value. The highest so far was 4.86%.

If the trend continues like that, then the week would end on a good note. Till then, enjoy your gains.