Alre ecosystem powered by its native ARCS (ARX) Token has entered the digital assets market with the sole aim of tokenising human values and utilising it as social resources. The project plans to dilute centralised control and contribute to the whole society.

CoinMarketCap recently listed ARCS, and QBITtimes decided to delve into the project to unveil what it brings to the entire Crypto market. It is, therefore, indispensable to do due diligence and DYOR so that you can join the ARCS community.

In this interview, Kunihiro Katsuragi, Chief Operating Officer at Alre, outlined the concept of the project, the present, the future, and what Cryptosphere should expect from their stable. 

QBITtimes (QT): Could you describe what Alre is about and the distinction it is delivering to Cryptosphere?

Kunihiro Katsuragi (KK): The first product is data bank 1.0. With this, individuals will be able to register as users, create accounts, do KYC, and make data entries to the data bank — all in return for rewards. On the other side, businesses will be able to acquire data and reward users with tokens. 

The Blockchain and privacy preserve advanced cryptographic techniques to secure the integrity of the data bank. ARCS is mainly used for two purposes

  1. Incentives for users: Many internet users do not trust big corporations when providing personal data due to many cases of misuse. AIre incentivise users for the information they provide, which is expected to lower the resistance of making personal data entries.
  2. Rights to use AIre services: Companies who hold ARCS will be able to acquire and utilise data from AIre. Once the data has been purchased, users will be rewarded with ARCS. Companies can also offer their services in AIre ecosystem and ask users to pay ARCS for usage.

QT: What is the ARX’s underlying consensus, and why? Is it PoS, PoW, etc.?

KK: For token offering and initial development, the tokens are issued on Ethereum blockchain with ERC-20 standard. AIre is currently conducting research and development for the underlying ARCS blockchain infrastructure, and the final design is scheduled to be released in Q2 2020. The main requirements include:

1) high performance to accommodate business requirements

2) security design to preserve privacy and ownership

3) scalability to onboard other data banks and businesses

4) flexible design to allow customisation, e.g. implementation of W3C DID standards and verifiable credentials data, model.

QT: Outline the project’s roadmap for the next five years?

KK: We still haven’t released the full road map yet.

But we will finish the PoC first and fix the requirements and develop the Blockchain in 2020-2021.

Meanwhile, we are developing business relationships in Japan, for example, Airport, e-commerce and data provider.

QT: Which sphere of society or Industry is this Alre going to disrupt or challenge?

KK: The digital marketing industry would be our top priority. 

QT: Any message for your community and holders?

KK: We are one of the few Japanese projects. We are working really hard to deliver what we promise and achieve our goals. We aren’t doing this project for our own sake, but to actually have an impact on society.

QT: Thanks for your time and all the best in your endeavours, Kunihiro.